How to work effectively with a difficult boss


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    Comments: [add a comment]

    User: anonymous
    Date: 5/13/2005 3:07:00 AM

    if sued how much could you get for blowing the whisle on someone. and also if your employer fired you and then wrote down on a piece of paper to a lawyer that your a lier

    User: anonymous
    Date: 7/10/2005 1:26:00 AM

    I was fired from my job for refusing to sign a letter of understanding stating that A $6000.00 lawn mower I took a loan out on in my name was the property of the company I worked for.Is it leagal for a company to demand you give them something you paid for? and fire you if you refuse?

    User: anonymous
    Date: 10/4/2005 7:55:00 PM

    Can my employer give me written notice for bad attitude when I do my job and whats expected at all times, get along well with other workers it seems like they just want to single me out or force me to quit?

    User: anonymous
    Date: 12/13/2005 10:18:00 PM

    My boss told me, "we think you are a wonderful person, everyone likes you but you are not a "good Fit".. What does this mean after being there for 10 months, AND after just attending the company Christmas party two nights earlier? Never had been written up or anything

    User: anonymous
    Date: 1/16/2006 3:03:00 AM

    I was fired a couple weeks ago for the same reason as above. I was told "I don't fit the company anymore". After 3 years of giving my heart and soul to this place, and watching the company grow from a 6 person business to now over 300 people. I wonder if the government realizes that 'employees' have NO rights what so ever. Does anyone know what job security is?

    User: anonymous
    Date: 3/2/2006 9:12:00 AM

    My boss was a total bully who used profanity, calling my department a "cluster fu%@", and telling me he'd give me $5000 to help him get rid of a long time employee that he couldn't stand. I stood up to him and got my walking papers. Can anything be done about a tyrant like this? Anywhere to go to file a report?

    User: anonymous
    Date: 3/23/2006 8:49:00 PM

    ok I work in construction, I got fired becuase the person who works during the day shift in the TOOL Room doesn't like me and she knows the supervisor during the day. The supervisor said your fired becuase your always LATE you stole merchendise from the tool room and you talked about the lady in the tool room , I said show me the dates of the times I was late and of course he didn't have anything then i said show me the stuff that I stole like the serial number or w.e and again nothing he just said get the hell out you "wetback" i Laughed at him then he said he was gonna kick my ass in the parking lot if I didn't leave. I ended up leaving but i never got nothing i didn't sign anything either. So whats the first thing I should do now ?

    User: anonymous
    Date: 3/28/2006 11:42:00 PM

    I was fired for no reason and I got my legal paperwork today and the little a$$$$le(oops) er FORMER EMPLOYER told them I was late every day and that I worked too slow but I never got any verbal or written warning about it. Not to mention he sells drugs to his employees. Man this little $#@&*& is going DOWN!(legally of course) WHEW! that feels better

    User: anonymous
    Date: 6/17/2006 10:58:00 AM

    I was terminated from my job for not signing a written warning that was presented to me, that was inaccurate and not true. I was fired on the spot for not signing the written warning, Which was written by an office manager that had been lying on me to try and push me out the door. Is an employee required to sign written warnings, or is this grounds for termination and denial for unemployment benefits??

    User: anonymous
    Date: 8/9/2006 9:03:00 AM

    I was terminated from my job yesterday. when I asked for what reason I was told "were not going to get into that" I said I'd like to know what mistakes i made so i can improve myself for the future..."no, were not going to discuss it". I had been there 2 months, never late, never missed work, good attitude. I was just told 2 weeks prior that i needed to work on my speed but the quality of my work was very good and everyone liked me including the president of the co. the "at will employment" policy is just an excuse to fire someone when the company doesnt have a valid excuse!

    User: anonymous
    Date: 10/20/2006 7:50:00 PM

    today I was fired after trying to return from a leave of absence. I was gone for three months and even trained my replacement for that time. I was called in and said that they now hired the lady I trained and that I no longer fit in that office. I was to return to work on the next Monday. Watch out because here I come with an attorney.

    User: anonymous
    Date: 10/30/2006 10:13:00 PM

    In my opinion, "At Will" employment is a perfect loophole for some bosses with racist proclivities, to discriminate against minority employees on the down low. This is especially true if they feel "forced" by the Powers That Be to hire people they don't feel like hiring (Affirmative action).

    User: anonymous
    Date: 12/4/2006 10:18:00 AM


    User: anonymous
    Date: 1/6/2007 4:51:00 PM

    My boss's we're screwing eachother forever and they both look like retarded sea creatures.They had me work long hours doing the crappy chores,like a red headed stepchild,and then on any gratuity a party left me,they split with 30 other people. They taxed me with FICA and then taxed all my tips,they had sex on the tables and never got rid of the roaches. I was harrassed at work and forced to serve the male beer all day in the card room with the TV. I always wanted to chrome out his dome with some millerlite. Then when someone requested me to bartend their party.the female boss got jealous and demanded me not to work it. she forgot the party was my now i need some help i know ive got a case but who will help? ps. I live in the tumble weeds of north texas and the wind keeps you from blowing anywhere but here.... sincerely needing advice Texas Tea

    User: anonymous
    Date: 1/6/2007 4:56:00 PM

    I was harrassed sexually and verbally by both bosses male and female they are screwing and spending all the worker bees gratuity they already tax my damn tips and they spend it on whatever they want...I hate them...she fired me for being requested to bartend a party but she found out the party had money and she got jealous and refused me to work it even though I was requested but she made a big scene and fired me and told me I had to do whatever she said or else and I told her I needed my job but I didnt like being harrassed and she told me to get the fuck out she worked the party but never realized the party was my aunts so im not sure how to go about this one the whole place has roaches and they do it in the card room ...alot...i know this...its where I deliver the male boss's millerlite he was told to turn off the clubs whisky tap he switched to beer...its harder to detect it when its missing ... sincerely needing advice in the tumble weeds and the sticks of Texas aka Lonesome dove

    User: anonymous
    Date: 3/19/2007 10:55:00 PM

    I wasn't fired but found out that the firm I worked at for the past year and a half was interviewing to replace me, so I quit. I was never late for work, never missed any work, never even used the vacation I was entitled to, never took "internet" or smoke breaks like everyone else in the office, never made personal calls, never made mistakes, produced work efficiently and quickly, and was never compensated for putting in extra hours. I was also the lowest paid staff member and was definitely one of the more experienced staff members. When I confronted one of my bosses as to why they were looking to replace me (I worked for two attorneys), she couldn't give an answer, she just replied that I'm a really good secretary. I am beginning to think that hard work and devotion just doesn't pay off in the long run.

    User: anonymous
    Date: 6/25/2007 1:19:00 AM

    For 16 yrs I put my life and soul into my job. I got a new young buck for a boss and was targeted at the very beginning. I was set up to fail and after 3 mo. after he took over, I was told I was ineffective and no longer needed. There has got to be laws protecting us, this is just not right!!! I have never had any disciplinary warnings, verbally or written, I was good enough for my old boss, then why all of a sudden am I not good enough now..This stinks, no wonder no one is loyal and devoted anymore...and the kicker, I wasn't even allowed to go back in my office and gather my personnal belongings, they would send them to me!!!!! JUST NOT RIGHT!!!

    User: anonymous
    Date: 10/28/2007 1:29:00 PM

    I'm writing an article on job security and women who are being fired for no reason, based in Toronto, ON but could be anywhere in Canada. Anyone interested in sharing their story, please send me an email. Names and companies can be changed for privacy. Thanks so much,

    User: anonymous
    Date: 10/30/2007 9:36:00 PM

    Add my name to the list - rhetorical since I'm not giving my name. I see a lot of questions but no answers.

    User: anonymous
    Date: 12/26/2007 6:46:00 PM

    I worked for a tyrant and couldn't take it any more. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    User: anonymous
    Date: 2/8/2008 4:18:00 AM

    i got fired last month for parking. apparently i wasnt following the "rules". first, i couldnt take up four parking spaces, so i kinda stopped. then i couldnt take up 2 parking spaces, so i stopped. then the tires of my truck couldnt be on the line of the parking spot next to mine so i didnt the next day; i just parked backwards with the rear of my truck apparently sticking out and taking up the parking spot behind it, but the TIRES were NOT on the line like they said. and thennnnnnnnnnn on the fourth or fifth day i just didnt even park in all the way in a stupid parking space, and then i got fired. well, not really "you're fired", but they gave me a letter saying "my whatever will end on such date and my services are no longer needed." i think they were jealous cause those supervisor fuckers drive crappy OLD used cars and are probably still making payments on it and then probably got word from snitches that MY 2007 avalanche was already paid for and NOT BY ME. jealous poor people! can i really get fired for stupid parking!?!? they never made me sign anything when "warning" me. and besides, on the 3rd or 4th day of "warning" me they said that if i did it again they would just call a tow truck and have it towed, which im completely fine with cause whatever... its not the only vehicle i own. i would've been fine with the cops being called and giving me a ticket or something, but to fire me!? take my job away!? THATS RIDICULOUS!

    User: anonymous
    Date: 3/6/2008 7:50:00 PM

    i got fired because someone that word the position that i did about 7 months ago came back to get her job .. so they came to me at the end of my shift and told me that was my last day. i had no write up never been late . nothing what can i do about this ?

    User: anonymous
    Date: 3/12/2008 8:43:00 AM

    My boss told me, "we think you are a wonderful person, everyone likes you but you are not a "good Fit".. What does this mean after being there for two months.

    User: anonymous
    Date: 3/15/2008 5:21:00 PM

    After 15 months at my job duing a variety of different things including doing other peoples work, I was told yesterday that I was "not a good fit fot the company". I asked my boss who by the way has short man syndrome, what it was that I did wrong? My work was always complete, I was never late, I stayed late and didn't get compensated, etc. All he could say was that the two of us hadn't been getting along in awile. He could give me no reasons...nothing. He said that he had talked with me several times about some issues which is a downright lie. I pride myself on my work ethic. I give 110% all the time. The sad thing is that bonus time is right around the corner. When I said it is convienent that you are letting me go right before bonuses are given out he said to me that bonuses are earned not expected. Exactly right...I worke my ass off for him and I earned every bit of what was due to come my wy. Anyway, after being fired for the first time in my 23 years of working, I realize that everything happens for a reason and as I was miserable there...smething wonderful is due to come my way. I do hope he realizes that what goes around, comes around.

    User: anonymous
    Date: 5/13/2008 11:14:00 PM

    after working for 1 month at footco usa....i was fired for no reason......i got along with my coworkers, never late and now today he fired me for the reason that i was throwing the shoes on the floor which everyone does when they are cleaning the shelves but he used this as a excuse to fire me......he had the money that i earn for two day right on the table and gaved it to me after i finish cleaning the shelves its like he knew he was firing me before i clean the shelves he just wanted an excuse

    User: anonymous
    Date: 5/20/2008 5:56:00 PM

    I worked 7 years at a vet clinic. The wife has a chronic illness and isn't around as much as she should be. I gave a quit date because my aging folks need me. The wife decided to change the quit date to 2 weeks sooner. (?) Then, today I got blasted for the wife that I had supposedly harrassed the new hire. This, of course was not true, but I decided that I couldn't take it anymore - it's been 7 years of hell - no other jobs to be had. After I got all the cleaning caught up, I gave my keys to the vet and told him that it was obvious the wife wouldn't talk to me, and wouldn't believe anything I said, that I was ending it now. Now I can tell prospective employers in a new town that I'm immediately availabl; and get away from all these triple-faced idiots in this podunk town. Woo Hoo!

    User: anonymous
    Date: 10/9/2008 10:05:00 AM

    I too was fired the other day...just 2 days away from being there for 3 months...i had received several emails stating how great I was, how I had generated more revenue in my position than anyone had in 2 years prior. Then last Thursday I got pulled into the GM's office who proceeded to tell me I wasnt a good fit..i looked at him and said but you just sent me an email stating how great I was..he said he had changed his mind...regardless i forwarded a complaint and the emails to Unemployment Insurance and the Labour Board...I still have no idea what I did..or didnt do..oh the Power of the Boss...they can either make you or break you...

    User: anonymous
    Date: 10/25/2008 9:57:00 PM

    I got arrested for a misdemeanor charge so i wasn't able to show up at work and they fired me. I was like what the hell is wrong with u ppl but they didn't listen. They are bunch of assholes.

    User: anonymous
    Date: 11/11/2008 4:43:00 PM

    i got fired for practicly no reason at all.... but im positive it was beacuse i was the only one who questioned all the illegal stuff they did like no brakes even though i worked almost 7 hours or lunch.

    User: anonymous
    Date: 11/18/2008 7:27:00 PM

    I walked in to work for someone else, it was my day off, and my employer said she needed to talk to me. I was thinking that I had to pick up another shift when she put her hands together and pushed forward saying, "It's time.." I said, "time for what?" she said, "it's time to let you go!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I've been working for RT as a LINE COOK for 2 1/2 years. I am 21, full time student in college, have very few call-outs and no counselling letters or written referrals. I made her a few days later give me a written reason/statement with signature for termination and she looked suprised to see me. I put in for an unemployement claim stating she fired me with NO REASON right before thanksgiving and christmas. I live in an apartment and was lucky to have enough money to get by until next month... To my knowledge, my boss can be sued, I also am in progress of getting helpful signatures proving I have no attitude or bad work ethics from everyone else in the restraunt. I will build a case against her.

    User: anonymous
    Date: 12/24/2008 5:22:00 PM

    i was fired right after thanksgiving, this world is a cruel cruel world. I missed the week cuz of a misdemeanor charge, so they fired me on the spot. Poor economy and have to pay for a dui now on top of it.. shows no heart, fuck management

    User: anonymous
    Date: 1/12/2009 12:33:00 AM

    I was fired from my job because I "didn't fit in" with the rest of the staff. in a store with 5 employees, I was the only male, and one of two African-Americans. They'd also waited 2 weeks and 2 days past the end of my probationary period was over. i was only late 2 times in almost 5 months, NEVER absent, completed all of my assignments no matter how pressed for time I was , did not have ANY misconduct or asset control problems (my register tills were ALWAYS perfect.) Yet I was fired not only 14 days after my probationary ended, but 2 days after my birthday (which I'd asked off 3 weeks in advance and STILL ended up working for another employee who was constantly late or absent). All i can say is I'm looking for a good, low cost employment attorney. In Minnesota, At Will employment is a way to screw with the employees without getting your hands dirty, but my former employer had better find a good attorney, as I am going to sue them. FIGHT BACK- when all else fails, don't fail yourself.

    User: anonymous
    Date: 1/15/2009 12:41:00 PM

    I was just fired after 3 and a half years for probably fitting in too much! I was their longest employee, got along w/ most of the staff very well. The bosses did not like that I hung out w/ co-workers outside of work, this is a very small office, or that we went to lunch together. They explained this by saying I had an attitude problem and a chip on my shoulder, which is BS. I just was not a huge butt kisser. After working very hard for them, working OT and not being paid for it, they fired me and moved a man to my same position and are paying him $20k more to do the exact same job. In addition, he had NO prior experience and I did. And yes I did file a complaint w/ the employment board in NV.

    User: wasIT
    Date: 3/25/2009 11:58:00 PM

    Hi, Can you be forced to resign if your boss finds out you are for looking for a job? Ontario, Canada

    User: pancreaspr0blem
    Date: 4/14/2009 1:31:00 PM

    ok,i was fired from my job that i have bieng working at for 10 years now. My boss come to me at lunch and handed me a letter. I went home and red the letter that night all it said on it was the following "your doing a great job keep it up. This letter isnt about anythuing like that dont worry im going to look after yopu if, You Know Steffani on the desk opposite yours." (obviously i did as we were dating)" well i'm thinking about getting her fired as she refused a date with me" I couldn't believe what i was hearing i told staffani what had happened and she said hes just been a stupid Tw@ i asked him what his letter was about and he said well i was going to write her up for all kinds of stuff do you wanna help. outraged at him takling about the love of my life like this. i stood up and told him i wouldn't 2 days later i was called into the office and was told i was getting let go. that night i bumpe into my boss in the parking lot. lets just say he better have some dam good surgeons to remove his teeth from the back of his throught.

    User: SteelMagnolia
    Date: 5/7/2009 8:57:00 AM

    Yes, you can, just as you can quit for no reason at all.

    User: happier
    Date: 5/19/2009 12:36:00 PM

    In the state I am in there are no laws that protect the employee..only the employer...they can fire you for wearing the wrong color shirt...The laws need to be changed. You do a good job and they even admit that but for no good reason they can fire you and when you try to draw your unemployment benefits they can make up lies and get by with it...I asked a lawyer about this and told him I worked for a jerk..his comment long as he is a jerk to everyone he can get by with it...What the?????

    User: Rusty47
    Date: 6/23/2009 7:15:00 AM

    I was fired from my job after ten years service after being accused of drug taking and surfing porn at work! these allegations were brought about from another member of staff who dislikes me! i was never given a drug test the persons who claimed the allegations were never brought forward on the grounds of the so called secrecy act! have i the right to claim compensation for constructiv dismissal?

    User: salty
    Date: 10/3/2009 9:26:00 PM

    you can be fired at any time if you are within a probationary period. once past this point you have the upper hand. if the company decides to downsize and let you go they will need to give you 2 weeks notice and i think it is something like the equivalent of 2-3 weeks pay. if you suck as an employee they will need to have 3 incidents for grounds for termination and those 3 incidents need to be discussed and documented and signed by you if you are just fired out of the blue take them to court. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    User: YPSN4KE
    Date: 11/8/2009 3:28:00 AM

    I got fired my boss tell me it is because the market is low because is not enought job to do. Ishow up at my exwork place to pick up my check an sorprise, they hire another guy what u think? and wath can i do?

    User: leah123
    Date: 1/29/2010 4:04:00 PM

    Ive worked at this coffee shop for 5 months. My boss fired me out of absolutely nowhere because "my performance hadn't improved". basing it on this "undercover" training shift to see how well i could do during the day (cuz i always close at nights). and i FAILED it. They didnt bother to tell me it was training.. they said i wasnt making the drinks properly and i believe them but i know what i was taught, and ive been following it since my first day thanks. If someone would have freakin mentioned something to me ahead of time then i obviously would have listened, but no.. no one.. i went by the training i first had, and no one noticed anything or else i would have heard something. UGH. i confronted my boss and explained but he denied and justified everything.. its just so unfair.. i know i did my best. people are so full of shit and unreasonable.

    User: vap1172
    Date: 2/10/2010 2:59:00 PM

    I was fired because the bosses accused me of stopping my job to engage people in conversations that made them feel uncomfortable. This is total bullcrap! A female co-worker and another male were teasing me on daily basis. When I stood up to her she went and told human resources I threatened her and they believed her!. 2 years later I sent a facebook invite to a female co-worker and she got me in trouble with human resources again. All she had to do was click the ignore button, and it didn't even happen at work. I never did any harm to anyone. I worked my butt off and got written letters to my boss from several departments saying what a hard worker I was and how I got along with everyone. I was just fired because I wasn't a butt-kisser. They tried to change their story to make it sound like I was a bad employee and my immediate boss didn't even stick up for me like he did in the past. He was just trying to save his own skin. I should have sued them. There is no justice in the workplace.

    User: misty39
    Date: 4/11/2010 7:25:00 AM

    I feel that theres alot that needs to be changed in all work forces. First and formost we are there working our ass off for these people and in no way what so ever should we have to take there garbage. I know they are the Boss and all but we should all be treated with respect and dignity.I am working for a company and because I said dear to a lady I was asked to stop using it because they found it offensive. what is going to be next?? I cant believe these people they make me laugh and the issistant manager is a Woman and every time I see her she looks like every day is a bad day for her. I was told that if your having a bad day dont take it to work with you, leave it at hime. well she takes her bad days to work with her and takes her anger out on everyone else. this is not right. anyway I go to work and I do my Job and thank God I am able to leave there and come home. It's a shame that the work force is so miserable and it is a shame that the Bosses and assistant managers are such idiots to think that we have to respect there wishes but they can treat us like dirt. they have alot to learn believe me ALOT TO LEARN.

    User: buckman71
    Date: 6/6/2010 4:31:00 AM

    I was layed off 4 months ago from Galaxy Electric of sumter county FL My boss Steve Munnz. I drew unemployment for 2 months ,And then he wanted me to come back to work so I did , and two weeks later he told me he would call me when he had work they were slow , so I waited and waited for 1 month no contact from him so I filed for unemployment again, But unemployment said

    User: buckman71
    Date: 6/6/2010 4:42:00 AM

    I was layed off 4 months ago from Galaxy Electric of sumter county FL My boss Steve Munnz. I drew unemployment for 2 months ,And then he wanted me to come back to work so I did , and two weeks later he told me he would call me when he had work they were slow , so I waited and waited for 1 month no contact from him so, I filed for unemployment again, But unemployment said That they have terinated my employment due to poor job performance ...Thats BS .... The only reason he hired me back so he didn't have to pay unemployment taxes and my unemployment could be terminated ....Tell me that is'nt some SHADY WAY to run a bussiness ....I hope the IRS and BBB gets wind of this ,this guy has screwed a lot of people over, Steve Munnz your going down buddy (Legaly That is)

    User: suzznn
    Date: 6/29/2010 6:05:00 PM

    I was hired and after 6 days on the job the manager who hired me got fired and then I was fired the next day after 62.25 hrs of training they never gave me the proper tools to do the job correctly and said that my numbers were low and needed to improve 15 minutes later I was called into an office and told it isn't working out we are letting you go no reason given or anything I asked many questions and all they had was my last paycheck and walked me out like a criminal no answers can they fire someone after 7 days on the job never late always on time from breaks. when I asked for information from my supervisor she acted like I was infringing on her social time and it took her an hour to give me anything, other people who were hired the same time as I were given everything they needed ASAP. I guess they can hide behind the at will employment all they want but the supervisor did not like me I hope some people can sleep at night knowing they can ruin peoples lives and morale...

    User: fatcat
    Date: 7/10/2010 9:36:00 AM

    I was fired from my job because I "wasn't supporting other departments". When I asked my supervisor what he meant by that, all he said was it was an observation that was made. The observation was made by a manager who had absolutely no clue what my job even was. I really expected no less considering a few days into the job, I learned they lied when they hired me by telling me I would be working with a ticketed journeyman and could get an apprenticeship. They didn't have a journeyman on staff, so there would be no way to get an apprenticeship. I did find out, though, that this company will be losing some major clients in a few weeks, so the incompetents in the management positions will also be out of a job soon too.

    User: Satori
    Date: 7/25/2010 6:32:00 PM

    I have been fired without a stated reason. I had it investigated, things came out in my favor, but what a complete waste of time, money, and my energy. Unreal. I won't go into the political aspects of agencies that are supposed to be helping victims of unlawful terminations. Really hard to prove too. But you all might want to check this out! We can all change things in some respects. It will make it harder for an employer to terminate for no reason! Check it out.

    User: sweetc
    Date: 10/22/2010 11:25:00 PM

    This month going to make me 3 month workin at beals they fire me without telling me why. They just say retail is not for you. Aint that's BS. Ever since I started working there the GM always telling me and asking why you workn at beals if ur a CNA n medical biller n coder n driving a jaguar. What should I do? Plz help

    User: mbell
    Date: 8/10/2011 11:37:00 AM

    I worked for Nestle Vitality Professional Canada until recently. I showed up early to help production one day and was greeted an hour later with termination papers. I was a puntual, efficient employee that got along with everyone (except the new boss apparently). A month after my dismissal I was informed I was let go so the presidents son could provide positions for his friends. Fair employment practices??? Thats Nestle for ya.

    User: dekan5879
    Date: 12/20/2011 7:17:00 PM

    can i be fired or suspended and lose a bonus for soliciting work to a customer that has nothing to do with the company and on my own time??? I work for Sears carpet cleaning, but I'm also a handyman on my own time.....I've been laid off already an this is the first time this has happen with any of my prior employers...let me know at ....say what its for otherwise I won't open the mail thank you...

    User: seasee
    Date: 4/15/2013 5:59:00 AM

    Honestly when there are problems on the job the liar always reach the top. I have dealt with an Agency of liars and the all have this click and stick together. When people go to church and work together they stick together and lie and the lies stay in the Agency and you have a group of low self esteem individuals from the HR down to the employees. Most HR Chief's lie for many reason believe it or not. I watch the ID channel and I honestly believe in Karma, to each and everyone out his with problems remember this. God Hates A Liar. Liars make fools of others from uneducated to educated. The entire Federal System all the way to the Civil Rights isn't about Jack. EEOC is just a title and not Equal, people lie and they are no better then allowing wrong doing and rewarding these type of liars. Politics who is the worst Democrats are Republican. None of them help they all fill their pockets with money.

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